Benefits of being a member of the cooperative

The strength and the solidity of being together : for a balanced and perennial fair world 

Taking an active and empowering part in the property of the cooperative itself, in its common projects and in its collective results

Deciding together into which direction will the cooperative move forward in the matters of transforming, valorizing and marketing its products

Having a fair and trustworthy access to the products and services of the cooperative

Increasing the common power of negotiation by regrouping the volumes of sales and purchases

Granting an access to privileged information regarding current fluctuations of the various paid prices when selling the food

Having an access to a wide distribution network all around the province and soon, in Canada and in North America

Being eligible for the Cooperative Investment Program, which can help save income taxes while getting good investments for today and tomorrow

Speaking from a common point of view in important agricultural matters

Getting a right to vote at the annual general meeting

Having an access to information swapping, being proactive in the meetings and taking part to the various statements between members-producers