Our mission

The cooperative supports the development and the fair-priced marketing of its members' crops.

By regrouping the harvesting volume of its members and through being a main transmitter of the current fair prices on the market, the cooperative is actively developing local farming businesses with a long-term vision of prosperity.

The 3 commitments to our members

Offering them projects, tools and partnerships to valorize their grains and other products

Supporting locally grown initiatives guaranteeing first-quality seeds in sufficient volumes

Developing an organic and cooperative label which will both ideologically and fairly represent our common vision

Building together and for the good sake of all what we cannot afford when alone.

Our values


Our actions are guided by the collective volition of increasing assets and success for each farm of organic grains through a long lasting and tuneful development.

We value co-helping and information swapping between members as a way to promote the evolution of organic agriculture in Quebec.

For us, uprightness is reflected in all our decisions, actions and through our crops. From the seed until the human's plate, we remain faithful to our primary values.

We are united in favour of both a social and an economical justice for all our members and our collaborators. The democratic structure of our cooperative bestows as much decision-making power to all farms no matter their size or their experience with organic farming.