24 March 2022

Quebec’s budget: same approach means same results, according to Équiterre

Montreal, March 22, 2022 - According to Équiterre, the Quebec government has not seized the opportunity to raise its climate ambition, choosing instead to focus on continuity. As we face a multifaceted crisis whose effects constantly grow, it is necessary to heighten our environmental and climate policies.

Équiterre acknowledges the $1 billion increase in the green economy plan and the one-time investment of $196 million into public transit, but there is no indication as to how these new funds will enable the government to reach its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets.

"Increasing the budgets in the Green Economy Plan will bring no change as long as we keep spending the money in the same way and in the same programs. So one can only expect the same results. It won't bring along significant behavioral change h with consequential impact on our GHG emissions," says Marc-André Viau, Director of Government Relations.

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